Monday, December 31, 2012

Recapturing the Moment: A Look back at 2012

Damn you 2012. What’s there to say? You came by and hung out a little bit. Now you are about to leave without saying goodbye? I thought we were bros?! Sad smile


As I sit here and click-clak away at this keyboard, I am having a hard time gathering my thoughts.  So much has happened this year that I never want to remember again, but there were a lot of times where I never wanted the day to end either. 

Let’s focus on the positives:

(Here comes the random thoughts train…)

  1. One of the biggest highlights was Sarah and I celebrating our first year married.  We knew even before we were getting married that nothing was going to dramatically change except for Sarah’s last name and a crazy amount of paper work to follow. We both feel that we’ve matured a lot as a couple and we’ve only been married for one year. One trick that has helped us? Talking about EVERYTHING and coffee. Lots of it.
  2. Oh yeah, did I mention that I got a promotion? Last June I was given the title of Lead Banquet Chef (as I call it).  It took me a lot of hard work and dedication to be given this title. This new position keeps me motivated to learn new skills, to uphold high standards in and outside of work, and helps push me to become a better chef.
  3. Sarah and I FINALLY joined a gym.  It was tough to join a club at our old place because we wanted to move.  So when we settled into our new apartment and got acquainted with our new digs, we found a gym to join.  Since I work the oddest hours, I made it a point to get up at 4 AM, four times a  week and get my ass going.  It was hard at first to commit to that kind of workout regime, but after a few weeks, my body became acclimated to the punishment it was taking in the morning. I have come a long way and I have big health goals for next year.
  4. Oh yeah, did I mention that I got a second job too? Why, you might ask? Simply put: We have lots of student loan debt and we plan to pay it ALL off within the next 2 years.

There you have it folks.  A simple, yet eventful year. I can honestly say that this year has really tested my patience, but it also has helped me mature as an adult too.

There is no growth without struggle.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Here’s to a new year and new beginnings. 

As always friends, Happy Feasting!

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Val said...

Happy New Year! I wish you lots of love and learning and happiness in 2013!!