Monday, February 25, 2013

F’Real!? McDonald’s Fish McBites

After being marked with an ash cross on your forehead, you are to give up something for forty days. Whether it’s coffee, alcohol, sweets, or smoking, people have lots of things they give up for Lent.

Red meat is usually given up by Catholics on Fridays to honor Christ for sacrificing his own flesh on Good Friday. By giving up that particular protein, people will turn to other sources such as chicken, turkey, pork or fish. Fast food establishments are aware of this trend each year, so they kick out new products and usually cut deals like “two for the price of one”.

Which brings me to this:


Although I rarely ever go to McDonald’s, this creation immediately caught my attention.  I mean, chicken nuggets are one thing, but fish McBites?

At first glance, they look like they would be flavorful. A nugget-like breadcrumb on the outside and flaky Alaskan Pollock on the inside, this would seem to be a nice combination of two of McDonald’s favorites right?

Not really. As a kid, I remember ordering the McNuggets and destroying them in a matter of minutes because they were so delicious to my adolescent palate.  Now I’m not holding these fish nuggets to any sort of high standards here, but they can’t compare to what I remembered loving as a kid.

The outer coating is just a tad too salty (and that’s coming from a Chef).  The seasonings are exactly of those of the nuggets and the texture is exactly the same.  I found that the only way to get through these nuggets of the sea were to bathe them in the tartar sauce that was  given as a condiment. The fish on the inside, albeit flaky, didn’t really do much for the overall experience.

Needless to say, these balls-o-fish were a good attempt to bring in those who are giving up red meat for Lent, but it misses it’s target by a long shot.

Would I recommend this if  you were to head through the Mickey D’s drive thru? Not a chance.  You are better off getting their Filet-O-Fish instead of these portable-poppers.

*Note: I am not paid nor am influenced in anyway in my opinion on the things I eat.  I am merely doing this for my own amusement and to help you, the reader, choose things that are worth your while at fast food establishments.

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Val said...

I didn't know McDonalds sold the fish bites. I don't know if I would order them. My favorite sandwich has always been the fillet o fish at McDonalds and of course their french fries! I think I will stick to that after reading your post!!